How to use the On Call List:

Quick Start Guide

  1. Log in using the Username and Password used to login to your computer.
  2. Use the "Search" or "Filter" boxes near the top to find the correct on call shift.
  3. Only shifts CURRENTLY on call will be shown.
  4. When the desired shift is found, check if a phone or pager is listed.
  5. If a pager is listed, click on the pager number to send a page. If it is a phone, call or text them directly.
  6. Please follow the position order when contacting the on call personnel (1st then 2nd then Attending).
   For a more detailed explanation, download this training document.

If You Notice Incorrect Shift Information

  • Contact the Transfer Center at 251-471-7212

   If you encounter any problems with the website itself or need to grant/remove administrator access please see below.
  • Submit a General Issue ticket on the IT Support Desk (For Category select "Clinical On Call" under "Non-Cerner Application")